The 21-day Family Connections Experiment


Has social distancing got you feeling the blues? Motivation non-existent, with a general sense of malaise? I think we’re all feeling a little anxious and a little disconnected right now. And that’s ok! We don’t have to be discovering new skills or writing the great American novel, however, there is a way to perhaps lift our mood a little.

Studies have shown that having stronger family connections, including a personal understanding of your family’s history, can lead to increased resilience, unity, and self-confidence. This is where the 21 Day Family Connections Experiment comes in! A group of family historians got together and thought it would be an excellent time to do an informal study about how connecting with both living and deceased family members can contribute positively to our overall emotional health and mental well being.

From the Connections-Experiment website: “Family history activities in this 21 DAY experience will go beyond traditional genealogical tasks. In fact, they will be short, simple, engaging, fun, and can be enjoyed by children and families. These family-friendly activities include discovering and sharing interesting stories of living relatives and ancestors, playing family history games, learning quick and easy genealogy tools, recording and sharing your own unique stories, and more.”

So we’re not ‘doing’ genealogy per se. We are finding ways to do something simple each day, whatever that means to YOU,  that will help us to connect to our families, living or deceased. If you prefer a little help, the website has some really fun and engaging 21-day plans.


Up for some fun? Ready to banish those blues?

How to Participate:

  1. Sign up for the experiment and take the survey at,
  2. Take part in family connection activities for 21 days beginning May 1 and ending on May 21, 2020. Our website has simple and fun suggestions or you may do your own activities.
  3. Share on social media using the hashtags #21DayExperiment and #FamilyConnections.
  4. Take a brief survey to complete the experiment on May 21.

Are you in?


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