RootsTech Connect 2021

You’ve probably seen the excited chatter on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram this morning. RootsTech 2021 will be known as RootsTech Connect 2021 and will be 100% virtual and 100% FREE! All you need to do is register and be ready to take in all that is RootsTech!

What I am most excited about is the global nature of RootsTech Connect 2021. Classes will be in a number of languages and presenters will teach from various international locations.

From the FamilySearch Newsroom: “RootsTech Connect 2021 will offer a combination of both livestream and on-demand content to accommodate differences in time zone for participants. In addition, sessions will be available to view on-demand after the event concludes.” This is key for folks in places like South Africa and Australia where the time difference can make it difficult to catch live events. And that fact that the conference will be completely FREE allows so many more people to participate! So go ahead and register here.

I am thrilled to once again be serving as a RootsTech Ambassador! RootsTech next year will be a little different to what we’ve been used to but I am excited to be a part of the first virtual event! Join me 25 – 27 February 2021!

For more info check out this video.

And here’s the official news from FamilySearch.

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