One of The Second World War’s Best Kept Secrets – Misfortune for the HMS Curacao

The headlines rang out with the news:  “Queen Mary Cut Cruiser in Two. Disaster that was Kept Secret.” (Dundee Courier) and “Queen Mary Sank a British Cruiser.  Disaster While Evading U-Boat” (Daily Record).  It was Friday 18 May 1945.  Joseph and Mary Thomas had been wondering for 3 years exactly how and where their youngest … Continue reading One of The Second World War’s Best Kept Secrets – Misfortune for the HMS Curacao

Three Craft Brothers and a Pebble

While doing my research for a previous post on George Albert Craft (find it here) I contacted the Paradise Genealogical Society in Butte County with a request to see if they could find the obituaries for George Craft and his wife, Amy Patty (Gaylord) Craft.  Imagine how thrilled I was to receive a reply a … Continue reading Three Craft Brothers and a Pebble

Hide and Seek with Harry

My maternal great-grandfather, Harry Joshua Davis, has generally made himself extremely difficult to find after 1923.  In fact, I have not found him or his date of death or where he might have died and I have been looking for a very long time.  Yes, it’s annoying and he most definitely qualifies for July’s Genealogy … Continue reading Hide and Seek with Harry

Behind the Scenes of a War

On the night of April 25, 1945 LAC (Leading Aircraftsman) Thomas was involved with the last operational mission for Bomber Command No. 35 Squadron based at R.A.F. Graveley in Huntingdonshire, England.  This last mission would provide tons of vitally needed medical supplies to the Allied men on the ground in Germany and occupied France prisoner … Continue reading Behind the Scenes of a War

From Cairo with Love

As part of this month's theme for the Genealogy Blog Party 'The Strong Will Survive!' I am highlighting my Grandfather as someone I believe was strong both emotionally and physically.  He survived not only a war but a situation at home, happening at the same time, which was incredibly emotionally stressful for him.  Read on … Continue reading From Cairo with Love