Thinking about going for your AG (Accredited Genealogist credential)? Then this SLIG course is for you!

Earning the Accredited Genealogist credential with the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGen) is a fantastic way for a professional genealogist to strengthen research skills in a chosen region, gain confidence doing client work, and garner respect in the genealogy community. The SLIG (Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy) course Becoming an Accredited Genealogist® Professional: The Why, What, and How, will cover the requirements for each level of ICAPGen testing and give attendees the knowledge needed to pass each level. Attendees will learn from hand-on activities and assignments, receive peer and mentor feedback on their work and learn from reviewing the work of their peers.

Highlights include:
• In-person networking will allow attendees to develop professional relationships and friendships to help them through the accreditation process.

• In-depth learning and extra time for question-and-answer sessions with instructors.

• A focus on skill-building will help attendees of all levels develop research and writing skills and improve accreditation readiness.

• In-class activities guided by the instructors will give participants the chance to practice and apply research and writing skills, discuss their projects with peers, and receive valuable feedback from peers and instructors.

• Prerequisites and homework assignments will help students prepare for the course and reinforce the concepts taught.

• The highlight of the week will be the opportunity the take a four-hour practice test in person at the Family History Library. The tests will then be peer-reviewed.

• A personalized meeting with an Accredited Genealogist professional knowledgeable in their accreditation region will give participants a chance to ask region-specific questions.

• A printed syllabus for each participant to take home and continue their learning.

Learn more about the course here
Direct link to register for the course here

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