RootsTech 2022

RootsTech 2022 is your virtual passport to great genealogy education! Have you registered for RootsTech Connect 2022? As of today, 22 February 2022, registrations for RootsTech are at


There will be over 700 classes, by 360 speakers, in 30 languages.

The fully virtual and completely FREE conference will run from 3-5 March 2022 and feature 7 Keynote Speakers.

For more information on the 7 speakers, see this RootsTech blog post.

The question I’m seeing the most often right now is WHEN WILL THE NEW CONTENT APPEAR ON THE ROOTSTECH WEBSITE?

What you’re seeing on the RootsTech site right now is the content from 2021. A few days before March 3, the 2022 content will go up and you will be able to start making plans for what you’re interested in watching, and you’ll be able to add the classes to your Playlist. However, you will not be able to watch any classes until 11:00 am MST on March 3. Classes will be available right after the first Keynote address and General Session.

To register, click here

Learn more about Relatives at RootsTech and how you can connect to living relatives, click here

Are we related? Let’s find out! Click here

My RootsTech 2022 Classes

I will be giving two classes this year:

  • South African Boer War Prisoners: The Pretorius Family, a Case Study.
  • Using Newspapers to uncover your Emigrant’s Journey

Once the classes are live, I’ll add a direct link to them below.

South African Boer War Prisoners: The Pretorius Family
Using Newspapers to uncover your Emigrant’s Journey

I hope these will be interesting and informative. Each class will have a chat window where we will be able to interact and you can ask questions or share insights. I look forward to connecting with you!

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