Ready, Set, Go! RootsTech Connect 2021!

We are about a week out from the launch of RootsTech Connect 2021. Yesterday, I had a chance to meet with the other ambassadors and RootsTech staff to get a sneak peek of the website. I am so impressed and excited! So here’s your sneak peek of all things RootsTech Connect 2021!

First of all the stats (as of yesterday):

Dates and Times to Note:

The website will be up on the morning of Wednesday, February 24, 2021. All you need to do is go to the RootsTech website. It will not look like it does now!

RootsTech Connect 2021 will go live at the following times:

9:00 PM Salt Lake City, Utah is Wednesday, Feb. 24 / 6:00 AM Johannesburg, South Africa is Thursday, Feb. 25, and so on.

One of the things that is going to make all this a whole lot easier is that the calendar will be in your own time zone. So much easier than trying to convert times!

The conference is divided into four main areas:

Main Stage

The Main Stage is on the home page. It’s where you’ll find all the keynote speakers, the classes, the Expo Hall, and Relatives at RootsTech. At the top of that page, in the top menu, you will see ‘My Playlist‘. You’ll be able to go through all the classes and add them to your playlist. This way you can keep a list of what you want to watch and whenever you get a little time, you can simply click on ‘My Playlist’ and watch what you’ve selected. Classes can be searched by topic, region, speaker, and so on.

Expo Hall

Yes, there will be an Expo Hall! There are 72 exhibitors and 20 sponsors so a total of 92 booths to visit. Here you will find conference specials on DNA kits, books, software programs, and much more. The Expo Hall is always the hub of RootsTech when we are there in person and this may not be quite the same, but I am still looking forward to seeing what’s on sale!

Sessions and Guide Me

If you have never attended RootsTech before and are overwhelmed at knowing where to start, give Guide Me a chance! Here you will find guided help on figuring out what classes to watch, and where to find them.

Sessions are classes and with 746 of them, you will find just about every topic covered! There are also 280 Tips & Tricks classes.


RootsTech is about connection. RootsTech has placed a lot of emphasis on finding ways to connect during the conference. Help is just a click away with the ‘Ask Me Anything’ button. There are chat rooms for each class where you can connect with the speaker and with each other. You can direct message other attendees too. And don’t forget about ‘Relatives at RootsTech’. Connect with cousins who are also signed up for the conference. It’s only available during the conference so be sure to make those connections! Check out this blog post from FamilySearch on Relatives at RootsTech. You need a FamilySearch account and a tree on FamilySearch, and even if you are registered for the conference, you must opt in if you want to connect with relatives.

But wait, there’s more!

For those who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (or for anyone at all who is interested!), RootsTech Connect 2021 will also feature a Family Discovery Day on Saturday, February 27, as well as Temple and Family History Leadership Instruction on Thursday, February 25. Not forgetting our young adults and youth, there will be a ‘Rising Generation Experience’ titled, ‘Our Quest for Connection‘ on Saturday, February 27.

And remember: all keynotes and classes will be available to watch for a full year!

See you at RootsTech Connect 2021!

11 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go! RootsTech Connect 2021!

    1. Gena, it’s my understanding that the website will be up on the morning of Wednesday, Feb. 24 (MST). No definite time given yet. You should be able to see all the classes and utilize the ‘My Playlist’ feature to start planning which you want to watch. I’ve reached out to RootsTech for clarification and will let you know if I get more info.


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